We’ve worked with a lot of amazing brands. Big, small, near and far.

We are a design and branding studio based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We love a challenge, and love working on brands. We begin each project with inquisition. We dig in, get familiar, and the seek out a strategy to adhere our solution to. We are both vision and detail oriented, and pride ourselves on creating strong, powerful brands.

Ultimately we believe in doing great work for our clients.

tali demassi


Tali is our account and client services specialist. With a background in the creative side, she brings a greater perspective to how we manage jobs and serve clients.

Tali has worked in agencies big and small with large and small budgets. She has a wealth of experience on local and international brands, and is passionate about making an impact in this world with design.

rhys jolly


Rhys has spent his entire career working with brands and he loves them. He’s obsessed with great ideas, great thinking and is never happier than after solving complex problems in a simple way.

Rhys is calculated, methodical, and won’t rest till we’ve hit the perfect tone, and everything feels ‘exactly right’. He’s worked all over the world, and brings to our studio experience on brands such as Government of New South Wales, Goodman International, Redkite, Cancer Council of Australia, Westpac Group and Westpac Bank, the country of Australia, Alberta Beef, and many more great Canadian brands.

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