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Carry You With Me.

Two hearts. One community.

Alanna Knobben wrote and published a book about infant and child loss. Very quickly, she realized that this topic is relatively untouched, and wanted to set up a community, and resources to connect with people going through the same thing. This topic is something that surprisingly affects more than we know.

We created a sensitive, inclusive and warm identity, that could open up an online community, where people could go to share, find solace, and connect with others who have also been through the same.

Carry You With Me launched early 2018 as a community group on Facebook and has been incredibly well received. It's growing, people are feeling supported to share their stories. It’s begun to bridge the gap between people who want to help someone who has gone through a loss, and a way to show they care.

Carry You With Me has also begun an online shop, where people can purchase the book, cards and other mementos.

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