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Chomp a’Lomp.

Reinventing the greeting card. With greater edibility.

Abagail and Eric are a brother sister team, who wanted to print greeting card messages on cookies. They set out to create a first to market product, with the sole purpose of making people smile.

We were engaged just after the brand strategy was defined. Abagail and Eric needed a complete brand. We needed to establish a name, design the packaging, create the content on the cookies, as well as the all brand touchpoints.

We had a wide audience range, anyone from celebrating a first birthday to someone who just broke up with their boyfriend. We had to communicate a luxury product, while also making people smile.

The name implies eating with excitement, and the logo implies little crumbs. We brought in a goat, and we had him do funny things, using derivative illustrations, to support the cookie messages. Where possible we added a touch of gold, to help elevate the brand. Each decision we made was to setup this brand, to continue to grow as peoples appetites grow for this product too.

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